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Commission Pricelist

Posted on 2020.03.12 at 21:49

Step 1. You look at the price list below, with your idea in mind. Get a rough idea of what sort of cost you're looking at.
Still interested? Awesome, proceed to
Step 2. E-mail me, or send me a note on my Furaffinity with your idea
Step 3. I'll review your idea, & let you know the actual price (the prices below are a guideline - chances are the price I quote won't be more than $10 off what you calculated, if you did it correctly). If you have any questions about the price, let me know & I'll explain how I ended up at the price I did.
Step 4. We agree, & you pay me through Paypal (I only accept Paypal, no other options)
Step 5. I start drawing. When I have a finished sketch, I'll scan it & e-mail it to you for your approval. If you don't approve the sketch, I fix what needs to be fixed, & e-mail it again until...
Step 6. You approve the sketch & I transfer it to cardstock & ink it. At this point, it's too late to make changes on the original, so if you want a change at this point, it's $5 extra
Step 7. This step is optional - if you have good visual references, I'll probably skip it. But, if you don't, I'll bring the picture into PSP7 & do a very quick colour layout, to make sure I have the colours correct before I color the original. If you want me to do this, let me know - I have no problems doing it even if you have amazing references.
Step 8. I colour the original. At this point, there's no changes to be made, so you better be sure it's exactly as you want it before I get into colouring

From start to finish, you're looking at less than a month (actually, it's usually less than 2 weeks, provided you're quick on the replies, but I like giving myself a little leeway time in case of issues or art block)

PRICES & EXAMPLES (I'm working on creating examples for everything)
8.5 x 11" pieces
Finished Sketch
1 character: $15
Each additional character: + $7
Simple background: + $5
Full Colour
1 character: $30
Each additional character: + $15
Simple background: +$10
Complex background: +$20
Other things
Bookmark: $10
Magnet: $5 each
Art card: $10
Conbadge: $15
Character Sheet: $40
Extra view on character sheets: $15

* If I do something wrong, let me know. The more specific you are, the quicker I can fix it.
* I'll draw most things. Not saying I CAN draw most things, just that I'm willing to try :D The only thing I for SURE won't draw is underage characters in adult situations. If you're not sure, ask, or check out My Gallery to see examples of what I draw & what it looks like.
* Just because I mainly draw furry art doesn't mean that's all I'll draw. I can do humans, non-anthro animals, & other fun things.
* Paypal only. No exceptions. also, payment up front. No exceptions. I don't like being a hard-ass about anything, but this is the one thing I'll be it for.

* I have a lot of different colours of cardstock - your picture doesn't have to be on white - Example
* I have a laminator, so con badges can be any weird size or shape, & I can laminate the bookmarks & magnets myself which allows for R+ ratings
* I have some characters that I'm willing to allow to join your characters in your commission (or if you want to commission a picture of one of my characters for yourself, I'm all for that as well :D)
My characters - Some of these examples are NSFW (I've marked them)
TK - Tiger/Whale hybrid with bat wings (although the bat wings & the whale tail can morph on & off to match the situation)
Stubby - Fennec/Bobcat mix. She's a klutz, hence all the bandages
Twila & Astra - Red fox & gray fox. They're sisters, but I don't mind splitting them up if you don't want both in a picture (NSFW)
Satomi - Panda/Zebra mix. NSFW
Sioux - Punk Coral snake.
Tasia - Fat Tailed Gecko. NSFW
Maya - Domme Iriomote Cat

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